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I already have like two other accounts on this site, buuut is for certain fandoms and this one is for my Pokemon Fandom :'D

I also have an RP account where I RP my OC's and what not, so if you like to do that, you'll find me right here~ -> :iconxxfireismyblissxx:

Soooo....YEAH~! I'm trying to write NXTouko fiction~ and if i will go HERE~!

Don't expect too much activity...~

I like Touko with both N and Touya...
but...I think her and N are a tad better in my eyes...~

I also have a TUMBLRRR...SOOOO....STALK
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*is totally not obsessed*
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KAY~! Listen up~!

I’m currently playing Pokémon Black Version, but I have not completed it. I got to the point where the credits waste your day by scrolling passed your screen—unSKIPABLE!—and I have begun to journey in the area you couldn’t before. I know how it all is and stuff, but I’ll be changing the dialogue and keeping some dialogue. ….DEAL WITH ITTTT.


My story…will be based on SOME events in Pokémon Black Version. Everything else, I’m going to be making up and just…you know…pulling it out of mah “ass”. If that’s how the saying goes… *gigglesnort* There will be…
:bulletgreen: More encounters with N~
:bulletyellow: A BIT more with Cheren and Bianca
:bulletred: and encounters with Touya~! (It will be, because of him, that there will be a love triangle~)

:star: Here are their ages~:
:bulletpink: Touko – 16
:bulletblue: Cheren – 16
:bulletyellow: Bianca – 16
:bulletred: Touya – 17
:bulletgreen: N – 18

I know, I know…. Pokémon trainers start at age 10 but I wanted to change that because well…I feel odd writing a romance thing about…a bunch of 10 year olds, you know? And I’m sure TONS of people agree…Right?....RIGHT??? ….
Anyway…N always seemed to be a bit older anyway so why not?? Also Touya is 1 year older because he started his journey a year before them. Touko will come across him a few times on her journey before officially becoming his friend! WOO!

There will be time skips coming out of the WAZOO…sooo…they’re ages will increase as the thing goes. 8D simple.
So…by the end of the story, their ages will be…
:bulletpink: Touko – 18
:bulletblue: Cheren – 18
:bulletyellow: Bianca – 18
:bulletred: Touya – 19
:bulletgreen: N – 20
So…then Touko will actually be legal XD teehee~ <3

Other than the love triangle, there will be other couples like…CherenXBianca…and Touya WILL find someone who loves him back. I just…don’t know yet. I want it to be a character from the other games like…May or Dawn…you know?
You can vote if you want…? Or like…comment like…”HEY! TOUYA SHOULD GET IT ON WITH (name goes here AND STUFF”
We all just know…he doesn’t get the girl at first….but a foreign one “drops” in on his life to repair that broken heart of his~

OH! I made up N’s mommy~ She’s a sick lady though so she’ll only be in the Prologue.

Also~ I’ve changed the towns and cities a little so they won’t be EXACTLY like they are in the game. *nodnod*

And…Touko’s last name will be WHITE. And Touya’s last name will be BLACK.

((I’ll add to this if anything else comes up~))

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Favourite genre of music: Classical~ Jazz and Rock
Favourite photographer: Ashley Mclaymore
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